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Fuel Dual Top Plate—the most versatile top-mount camera assembly on the planet. It comes standard with two GoPro Stud mounts, which fit all standard GoPro cases and enable users to mount two GoPro cameras side by side. It also has a mounting feature for two flatlock camera release plates, plus a host of other mounting solutions.

Your Two Go Pro Cameras when mounted can also be angled in 1.5 deg so that the POV of each camera intersects at 1.5 meters away from you.  This feature and camera postions are perfect for Tandem Videographers flying video and stills. This means you can get in close and get the shot.

This mount has been radically machined, positioning the plate extremely low on the helmet. This allows easy access to the inside of the helmet, should you wish to use Turned On or remote-shutter release products.

This new mounting solution does not have any screws or nuts protruding into the inside of the helmet shell. To ensure accurate positioning, we’ll let Cookie mount the top plates for you. If you choose to send over your Fuel we will charge extra for shipping it to Cookie and back. Please put it in the remarks when ordering.


A Two Camera Top Mount Solution for your Fuel Helmet

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