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Using pull-up cords can be exhaustive and uncomfortable, especially when trying to close a tight rig or when packing multiple rigs per hour.

The PUCA Tool was designed to function primarily as an ergonomic handle for pull-up cords and make using them far more rewarding! It grips the cord for you while you pull, eliminating most of the compression and abrasion your hand normally experiences from the tough nylon fabric. This not only eliminates most of the discomfort associated with using pull cords, but also allows for a more powerful pull, and helps reduce the amount of continual wear your hands are subjected to when packing throughout the course of a day.

The tool works by simply constricting your cord into a progressively narrower area and freeing it once tension is released.  Compared to other tools, its larger size engages more surface area of the hand and distributes forces that would normally concentrate to cause discomfort and soreness. Its smooth, curvilinear shape has also been tailored to nest in the empty space of a relaxed fist giving it a natural and consistent feel.

When you’re done using it, it’s smooth and small enough to fit nicely into a jumpsuit pocket with little or no disturbance to your ribcage.

What makes the tool even better is that it’s technically also a multi-tool. It features a bottle opener for quick access to beverages at the end of the day and can be used in any situation where the pulling of a thin, soft, flexible material is required making it a strong candidate for rigging applications as well.

It can also be more economical than other alternatives since there’s little to no need for the replacement parts. We usually get our pull-up cords for free and the tool has been designed to last for decades. Made of marine-grade 316 Stainless Steel and Glass-Reinforced Polypropylene, the tool will not only resist water and chemicals but years of abuse and accidental drops as well.

The PUCA Tool is available in two versions: Original and Band Cutter. For the most part, the versions are the same with the exception of the accessory loop at the end. While the Original version has a smooth continuous D-shaped loop for attaching various things, the Band Cutter version has a tiny hook knife in addition to the accessory loop for cutting broken, stubborn stow bands.

With each purchase, you will get:

  • 1 x PUCA Tool (either Original or Band Cutter)

  • 1 x Complete User’s Manual

  • 1 x Pull-Up Cord

Save your strength for where it really matters; try packing with a PUCA Tool.

Made In Illinois, USA.

In stock (can be backordered)

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Pull-Up Cord Assistance Tool

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