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Yepzon™ One is a GPS locator which has been proven to be perfect in locating your main canopy after a cutaway or track your rig during traveling or at those boogies away from your home DZ. With Yepzon’s easy-to-use mobile application you will track the things most important to you quickly and accurately – with just one click.


Please see the document below with some skydive specific information and settings:

Yepzon One GPS Tracker


Yepzon One in action

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  • Shock- and splashproof

  • Connectivity ready with built-in SIM; roaming in EU + USA + Russia + China as a default, additional regions also available.

  • Affordable service starting at 3,74€ per month or € 78,- for 100mb that will last over 2 years (depending on settings)

  • Easy-to-use mobile application (iOS & Android), custom integrations easy with Yepzon’s open API

  • Reliable and easy to use. No buttons.

  • Micro-USB rechargeable, 850 mAh Li-ion battery

  • Extremely long battery life – up to 2 weeks with single charge (depending on settings)

  • Positioning technologies: GPS, GSM Cell ID, Bluetooth

  • Weight 46 g

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