Young and ambitious indoor skydive coach with a heart for the sport. With a calm approach, I like to convey my enthusiasm to my students, whether it’s for a one-time session to have some fun and dotting the i’s, or a longer trajectory.


  • Beginner belly and back
  • Freefly
  • Dynamic 2- way and 4-way

Home tunnel: City Skydive – Utrecht


  • TI spotter A, A+, B and Trainer

Competitions / Records

  • Open German nationals 2022
  • Belgian open Indoorskydive 2023
  • Open German nationals 2024
  • Open Benelux championships 2024


I’m Menno, an indoor skydive coach known for my patience, friendliness, and clarity. I take the time to ensure you master each step, create a positive learning environment, and provide clear explanations. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, I offer customized training to meet your goals. Contact me to learn more!

Send me a message at +316 12322249