We are eager to help you advance in this fantastic sport. You can always contact us for advice in skydiving, skydive gear and yes, even advice in life! If you want to be coached in the sky or in the tunnel let us know. Both Jan and Efraïm are excellent freefly coaches and they organize at several major events. Efraïm is also an AFF instructor so even with zero jumps 'K Leef can provide the training you need to become a skydiver.

Whether you are just starting with Freefly or you are already experienced, you can be coached by the founders of 'K Leef. Our goal is to pass on our own experience gained on several boogies and numerous (coaching) jumps. During the coaching we find it important to fully brief and debrief the jumps to ensure an efficient learning curve. The video of the jumps will be available at the end of the day. Most of all we would like to see you have fun! Coaching can be done at different locations. Jan is based in the Netherlands and Efraïm is based in Spain near Skydive Spain.

If you are thinking of organizing a boogie at your DZ and want to have organizers with a great boogie vibe, contact us! We can let your participants fly the skies 'K Leef style! In most cases we are able to bring the Boogie Shop as well. Contact us for more info!

Boogies where we organized: