Two skydivers who are dedicated to
provide the best quality gear.

Jan and Efraïm are the founders of ‘K Leef.


If you would have asked them in the beginning of 2013 if they were planning to start a webshop they probably would have answered with resolute: No!

Now, what pushed them to start this webshop you might ask?
Well they are both passionate skydivers always trying to fly with the best gear in order to improve their skills. In February 2013 they both decided to buy a new full face helmet. The G3 of Cookie Composites was their choice. They were forced to order the helmet abroad because there was no dealer in the Netherlands. No dealer to fit the helmet. No dealer to see the cool colors. The initial idea of a webshop was there.


The best skydive gear webshop of the Netherlands and beyond to be precise.
It was only a small step to email Cookie Composite asking them about the possibilities of starting a Dutch dealership for their products. The email was quickly answered after just one week containing the news that they could indeed become the Dutch dealer of their products.


‘K Leef was born...
The dealership of Larsen & Brusgaard followed within a month after the Cookie dealership.
After that 'K Leef became dealer of NZ Aerosports, Aska and United Parachute Technologies.

Not bad for the first 6 months!

‘K Leef only sell products Jan and Efraïm personally believe in and would use themselves.
They are always looking for improvements and new innovations within skydiving and other activities in life.


Special thanks goes out to: